Multiphoton Microscopy

Complete removal of cancerous tissue during surgery for breast cancer is essential.  Unfortunately, about 1 in 3 women undergoing lumpectomy for breast cancer will require more than one surgery due to inadequate surgical resection.   Multiphoton microscopy (MPM) can be used to perform video-rate imaging of tissue during surgery to evaluate pathology, ensuring complete removal of cancerous tissue.  I have developed MPM systems enabling very wide area imaging of tissue specimens with real-time rendering using H&E-like appearance ("virtual H&E").

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I have integrated multiphoton imaging technology into a compact, portable system suitable for use in pathology lab or surgical suite.  The system enables true 10x/20x/40x imaging at video rates using VH&E rendering to produce virtual histology images in real-time.  

Furthermore, the system incorporates white-light imaging, enabling visualization of surgical makings and inks at 0.5x equivilent magnification.